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Byron KatieThe Work

The Work is a way to identify and question all the beliefs that are causing suffering in our world.

It is meditation and for anyone who is willing to open their mind.

Free Downlads for the Work

Sessions online or in person

Individual session in person

You contact me and we arrange an appointment. 

Individual sessions can vary in length and it is not always possible to predict how long we will need. Experience has shown that individual sessions with me last around 90 minutes - in some cases even longer. You decide whether you want to continue. 

You bring your issue and I will help you fill in your worksheet and guide you through your stressful beliefs, I will take notes during the session and write down "Underlying Beliefs" for you, which I will give you at the end of the session. 

I can also record your session and give it to you straight away. This way you can reflect on it later at your leisure.

Individual session via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype,... or telephone

Individual sessions are possible against prepayment to the following account 

Heike Fischer
Volksbank Breisgau Süd
IBAN DE89 6806 1505 0035 7027 09

Paypal - please notice that additional country fees may occur


Tuition - Your investment for yourself

A non-binding preliminary consultation of 15-20 minutes is free of charge.

Taxes included.

Single Session 90 minutes: 206 $
Reduced rate (pupils, students, pensioners): 115$

5 - session packages
- Individual sessions (5x 90 minutes) : 815$
- Reduced (pupils, students, pensioners): 680$

10 - session packages
- Individual sessions (10x 90 minutes): 1522$
- Reduced (pupils, students, pensioners): 1250$

Online - Courses - to be announced

Bilingual Retreat "Go with the flow"

Seminar on Tenerife in a fantastic retreat in the middle of a banana plantation! The retreat is located on one of the beaches and natural pools of Alcalá! Each bungalow has a bathroom, kitchen, terrace and sea view! 😃

he wonderful location of the retreat invites you to be in the here and now, to perceive and be present with all your senses. n this seminar, we want to be inspired by nature. You will have the opportunity to meet your body and your thoughts with love and mindfulness with The Work and in community in the wonderful atmosphere of Tenerife. e want to be playfully in the moment, perceive our desires and needs, allow them and practise expressing them. We will examine our stressful thoughts with The Work. There will be space for your topics (those that you bring with you and those that may arise during the week). You will also find a selection of ways to give your body what is good for it: hiking, swimming, yoga, Qi Gong, dancing ... or ... simply resting and breathing in silence.
6 seminar days can be credited towards the coach and teaching coach training for this seminar.
No prior knowledge is required.
e have rented the whole retreat for this time, so we will be the only group there. The maximum number of participants is 12.
he cook will spoil us with vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian dishes as desired. All organic and regional.

Seminar leaders: Heike Fischer (teaching coach vtw), Birte Perner (coach vtw)
Location: Villa Perenquén, ctra general tf-47 38687 Alcalá - Guía de Isora, Tenerife, Spain

Arrival: 05.04.2025
Departure: 12.04.2025

Seminar fee (incl. VAT):
Super early booker until 15.08.24: 995 €
Early booker until 31.12.2024: 1.250 €
Late bookers from 01.01.2025: € 1,450

Accommodation and meals:
Double room: € 690
Single room (depending on availability, possibly with shared bathroom with neighboring room): € 840
Single room with private bathroom (= own bungalow, limited contingent): € 1,030

We recommend taking out seminar cancellation insurance.

Further information:
Hairdryer, towels and beach towels are provided.

Airport transfer: Tenerife South Airport is about 25-30 minutes by car from the retreat. A transfer from the airport can be organized on request. The exact organization depends on the number of participants and when your flights arrive. More detailed information will be provided shortly before the start of the seminar.

On request, a signal or WhatsApp group can be created so that you can coordinate in advance if, for example, you would like to travel to the airport together or rent a car together on site.

General terms and conditions:
Withdrawal of the participant
1) Withdrawal from the event by the participant is generally possible. di Notice of withdrawal must be received by us in writing (e.g. by letter sent by post or by e-mail) and should be addressed to: Bi te Perner, Schumacherhof 4a, 26123 Oldenburg, Germany or email:

2.)Upon receipt of your declaration of withdrawal, we will refund any payments you have already made less the costs stated below. Repayment will be made to a bank account specified by you within 14 days after we have received your declaration of withdrawal and you have provided us with bank details (stating the account holder, IBAN and BIC) for the repayment. (3) Costs charged by the organizer if the participant withdraws:


after 31.11.2024: 50% of the total price
after 31.12.2024: 80% of the total price
after 01.04.25 or no-show: 100% of the total price

Return Cancellation of the organizer/employment of a replacement trainer

The organizer is entitled to withdraw from the contract for good cause (e.g. insufficient number of participants, absence of the trainer due to accident or illness). In this case, seminar fees already paid will be refunded immediately. Cancellation shall be made in writing, by e-mail or by telephone. The participant is not entitled to any claims for compensation. 

The organizer points out that there are seminar insurances with which the participant can also insure himself in the event that the organizer withdraws from the contract.
In the event of illness of the trainer or other unforeseeable events that make it impossible to deploy the specified trainer, the organizer is entitled to deploy another qualified trainer for the seminar in question. The same applies to other team members, for example the cook.

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The Work is meditationQuestion your thinking - Change your life

Personally I see "The Work" not just as a method that I can see through rationally at a glance. It is a meditation, an experience and always amazes me as if I were doing it for the first time. R. M. Rilke says in his letter to the young poet: "We must learn to love the questions themselves, then one day in the distant future we will live into the answers".

I have a similar experience with The Work - only I often don't have to wait for a distant day, but through the investigation I live into the answers that are right for me at that time and come to a new inner attitude that influences my life in the most positive way.



"The worst that could happen is an unquestioned belief"

– Byron Katie