The Work

"The Work is a simple yet powerful process to identify and question stressful beliefs that cause our suffering."
How to question your stressful thoughts?
Learn more about The Work of Byron Katie on and , read "Loving what is" by Byron Katie


How to book a session with me to get an experience how you can learn to free yourself by investigating belief systems that cause you pain:
If you´d like to be facilitated in English from all over the world, please, send a message to to fix a date in your time zone via Skype, Zoom or phone.
If you are living in Germany you can call to fix a work session.
Mobile: 0178-2897576.
Sessions need to be payed in advance via Paypal or on bank account.
60 minutes: 125$
90 minutes: 170$

120 minutes: 230$



  5 Sessions (90 minutes): 795$

10 Sessions (90 minutes): 1365$


Free worksheets and more information about The Work here: Download

About me

Heike Fischer, Tel. 01782897576, Mail:

Before I got in touch with The Work of Byron Katie I have suffered from anger that I have tried to suppress. I wanted to live at peace with myself and others but I just couldn't stop blaming others for my misery. When my son was born, my mind started attacking my parents and my brother on almost everything that I considered to be "wrong" about me and my life. I felt so depressed that I went to a family counsellor and told her my story....